Rewards Program Terms

You will earn Cashback as indicated in the product description.
You will earn minimum 20% cashback (or as indicated) on purchase of all of our products. This does not apply on products which are on SALE.
All the Cashback earned will be credited to your Account Wallet.

You can utilize your Wallet balance for new purchases.

Wallet balance can be redeemed in real money (provided the required conditions are fulfilled)
You need a minimum of $25 in your Wallet balance to be eligible to receive payout
Once requested a percentage of the wallet balance will be transferred to your Paypal account as Payout.
The payout percentage will be declared every month. All payouts for that month will be calculated as per the payout percentage declared.

You will receive cashback credits whenever you refer a new customer.
You will also receive credits to write a Review of the product you have purchased.
You also earn cashback credits to invite new visitors to our website for checking out latest products and offers.

The terms of the Rewards Program is subject to change without prior notification.
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